Sharp mx-m356n Maintenance Required Code DK reset

SHARP MX-M266N, MX-M316N, MX-M356N Maintenance Code DK reset

Do you getting the signal to maintenance require DK on your Sharp MX-M266N, MX-M316N, MX-M356N photocopiers? The following instructions describe how to reset maintenance code for a Sharp copier machine. As per the article you can save a lot of money by resetting the maintenance required code DK.

Meaning of Maintenance Code DK

Maintenance required code DK is indicating refers to the drum counter has reached the specified limit; it is time to replace the ARC26DU black drum unit or drum and blade. Black Drum unit has a life of 100k copies which is why you end to get both codes VK, TK, TA, FK, CA and DK at the same time. The maintenance code should still allow the copier to photocopy & scan as normal, so if the copy quality is still OK then the machine should continue as usual & the codes are reset when the drum is replaced.

If you have a problem printing or copier when the maintenance codes is displayed then 1st way is to have the parts replaced & the counters reset. The drum counter will need to be reset after it’s installed.

Reset maintenance code DK

To reset drum counter go into simulation mode by pressing the following keys one after.
1.     Press the #, *, c, * button on panel, you will be into service modes.
2.     Type simulation code “24” on panel then press start button.
3.     Then you want type sub code “04” – maintenance counter clear, then press start button.
4.     Then you can select what you want to clear so the DK drum unit, press the DRUM CTRG K & MAIN CHARGER K and DRUM BLADE K then tech EXECUTE then YES, then press the CA key the machine will restart and away you go
Maintenance Required Code DK reset

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