how to fix error C-3101 and C-3102 code in Konica Minolta bizhub C554e, C454e series

Konica Minolta bizhub C554e series error code C3101 and C3102 problem solutions

Here in this post I explain how to fix error C3101, 3102 code in Konica Minolta bizhub C554e, C454e, C364e, C284e and C224e series, which should solve your problem. This article will help you to troubleshoot some common error messages to Konica error code C3101, 3102, 3201, 3202 that you may receive any of the Bizhub C554e, C454e, C364e, C284e and C224e models, so check them one by one until it gets solved.

Maintenance sign means that the copier needs to be well serviced and checked if something is to be replaced. Consumables such as Toner, Drum, Blade, Fuser rollers, Pickup roller and Developer are changed at such times. And also check the changing consumables are original or not .Always use spares having good quality. If you are sure that you have replaced the correct part or nothing is to be replaced, after ensuring these things, you can proceed to clear the sign. Always call experienced technicians for servicing.

Meaning of the C3101 error code

The C3102 codes mean Fusing release code drive motor for fuser or home release sensor not working. The motor lock signal remains HIGH for a predetermined continuous period of time while the motor remains stationary. Maybe problem the fixing Unit and its gears, also the drive gear on body. Fuser code needs to be reset in the service mode. It is easy to do.

How to fix the error code C3101?

Do not worry if you get this error, you can fix it in some of the simplest processes. Follow the steps below:
·        Code reset:
1.     Turn OFF the main power switch.
2.     Turn main power switch ON while pressing the Utility/Counter key. Keep holding it till the Trouble reset appears.
3.     Touch "Trouble Reset". then Select Copier, The System Management screen will open. Touch the Copier button on the screen.
4.     Check to make sure that "OK" is displayed and it has been reset.
5.     After turning off the main power switch, wait 10 seconds and fire the machine back up, this should reset the service code and with any luck the machine will run.
Even if the above fixes are shown in error code. . Then check these all things.

   ·        It’s probably the sensor on the fuser that detects rotation I think it's PS-47. They have had problems with the mounting plate but at any rate at that point it would be time to call your servicing entity.
    ·        Check Fusing release drive motor.
    ·        Home release sensor.
    ·        Check the connector of M3 for proper drive coupling.
    ·        Replace Fuser Rotation Sensor Holder (p/n A00J 7323 01).
    ·        Replace PRCB.
After you replace the part, you have to reset the machine in serves mode.

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