Konica Minolta bizhub 164 showing M2 maintenance call

Konica Minolta bizhub 164 error code M2 maintenance call reset

Are you getting the status to M2 maintenance on your Konica Minolta bizhub 164, 195 and 215 copiers? The following instructions describe how to reset maintenance code M2 for a Konica Minolta bizhub copier machine. We are sharing a few methods to fix the error, so check them one by one until it gets solved.

Maintenance sign means that the copier needs to be well serviced and checked if something is to be replaced. Consumables such as drum, blade, fuser rollers and developer are changed at such times. If you are sure that you have replaced the correct part or nothing is to be replaced, then you can proceed to clear the sign.

Meaning of the M2 maintenance call Error Code:

This error code m2 means that the life parts of your development and image unit has expired. Replace the developer and the drum make sure counters are cleared first and that Gradation adjust is run along with Toner adjust. When the counter is reached to 0% life first will be detected and maintenance call M2 will be appeared. The initial value is 40,000, and the countdown system is used. You need to replace 1st the consumables before counters reset, not replace parts the copier will adjust voltages on certain items when in fact they are same items image problems and codes.

How to fix the error:

To clear the count, use of the Service Mode:
1.     Press the Utility button.
2.     Press the Stop → 0 → 0 → Stop → 0 → 1 (You are now in Service Mode).
3.     Then press down arrow button and find Clear Data then press ok.
4.     Then press down arrow button and find Total Clear then press the ok.
5.    Then YES or NO shows on the display, then select YES and press ok then wait little mint.
6.   Then switch off the machine and back on. You should see printer working normally.

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