KONICA MINOLTA C350/C450 Auto Colour Calibration

These instructions describe how to adjust Auto Colour Calibration for a Konica Minolta C250, C350 and C450 copier machine. Colours are too dark or severely tinting to one range of colour such as yellow, cyan or more commonly magenta on printed documents. This issue is most noticeable on grey halftones.

 Please note that these issues must occur on ALL printouts. If only one computer or a single piece of software is having poor colour reproduction, please troubleshoot the computer or software. Please also note that grey halftones will NEVER be perfect and usually will tint slightly to magenta or brown.

1.  Press the Utility button to the left side of the LCD screen.
2.  Tech the Admin Mode.
3.  The machine will ask for a password, press the password 00000000
4.  Next select Gradation Adjustment.
5.  You can see the START button Green light up, then Press the Start button to print out the adjustment test pattern. The print out may take 30-60 Seconds to print out. If the start button is Orange, you must load either Letter paper in Portrait direction or Ledger paper into one of the trays.
6.  When the test pattern is printed, examine the pattern. Notice that on edge of the pattern there are Two Black Squares. Place the test pattern Face-Down on the scanner glass with the Black Squares against the Left-hand Side Ruler.
7.  Close the scanner lid and press the Start Button. The scanner will scan 3 times.
 8.  Press the Exit twice to bring the screen back to copy mode.
 9.  The Auto Colour Calibration is complete. You should see improvement in your colour reproduction when printing. If the issue continues, please call your servicing company for more instruction or repair.

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