Solved: Error Code H2, H4 on Sharp MX-3100, mx2600, MX41OON, MX5000N

Sharp MX-3100, MX2600, MX4100N, MX5000N error code H2, H4 reset 

Solved: Error Code H2, H4 on Sharp MX-3100, mx2600, MX41OON, MX5000N
Are you getting the status as H2 no signal on your harp MX-3100, mx2600, MX41OON, MX5000N copier? These instructions describe error code H2 solution for a Sharp AR and MX series copier machine. This should solve your problem. This introduction will help you troubleshoot some common error messages related to Error Code H2-02, H3-00, and H4-02 that you may receive.

Maintenance sign means that the copier needs to be well serviced and checked if something is to be replaced. Consumables such as drum, blade, fuser rollers and developer are changed at such times. If you are sure that you have replaced the correct part or nothing is to be replaced, then you can proceed to clear the sign.

Meaning of the Error Code?
H2 is an indicator that the temperature sensing device is reading open, preventing the machine to warm up. This codes either low voltage. Otherwise paper jammed frequently about 3 or more time. Sometimes that code can be reset in service mode without replacing that part.

How to fix the error code?
Resolve this problem you have to choice if the first one didn't work gone to the next one. Do the following procedure to reset the error:-

  • You can try to clear this easy you want, #, *, c, *, to enter service mode, you should be in service mode now. Type in number 14 press start. Then you want type sub code 01 press start. Then you can select OK to clear. Then switch off machine and turn the power back ON at the power socket and the code should reset. Machine will process for 2 minutes.


Some of possible causes:
  • If the first procedure didn't solve your problem, you're getting a heat roller low temp detection on the fuser in your copier.  Turn off the copier. Open the small side cover on the right of the fuser unit. You will see the wire connectors leading from the unit and carefully remove them. Open the three screws holding the unit and remove it, check the heater lamp continuity if out replace the lamp. Clean the thermistor might be some dirt on thermistor and return the unit by reversing the removing process. Now try the code and it will work
Not a hard job but a novice could get into trouble and make matters worse.

If these steps don’t work I would suggest you call on a local dealer to repair this as you will probably need new parts.


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