How to Fix error code C3425 in your Konica Minolta C224e

Konica Minolta bizhub C224e, C284e and C364e error code C3425 reset

How to Fix error code C3425 in your Konica Minolta C224e
These instructions describe error code C3425 solution for a Konica Minolta C224e, C284e, and C364e Copier series. Which should solve your problem; this introduction will help you to troubleshoot some common error messages related to Error Code C3425, C3722, C3725, C3825 and C3826 that you may receive. We are sharing a few methods to fix the error, so check them one by one until it gets solved.

Maintenance sign means that the copier needs to be well serviced and checked if something is to be replaced. Consumables such as drum, blade, fuser rollers and developer are changed at such times. If you are sure that you have replaced the correct part or nothing is to be replaced, then you can proceed to clear the sign.

Meaning of the Error Code

The fixing error C3425, c3722, C3725 and C3825 code refers to a copier Fusing warm-up trouble; the warm-up is not completed even after the set period of time has elapsed after the warm-up is started. The Fusing Roller Thermistor does not detect the required temperature within 30 sec. after a warm-up cycle has begun; therefore, the copier does not complete the warm-up cycle.

How to fix the error code?

If 1st time occurs, you need to go into service and clear the error then reset. Easy to reset and fault usually goes away.

Follow these steps to fix your problem:
1.     Turn OFF the main power switch.
2.     Turn main power switch ON while pressing the Utility/Counter key.
3.     Touch [Trouble Reset].
4.     Check to make sure that [OK] is displayed and it has been reset.
5.     Then machine off and wait at least 10 seconds then back on. After it check if the machine starts correctly.

If fixing error code C3425 appear again. Have a technician look at it do not again to reset the code you are dealing with the Fuser the hot part it can catch on fire that will ruin a perfectly.

Some of possible causes.

1.   Check the fusing unit for correct installation (whether it is secured in position).
2.     Check the open/close operation of the right door.
3.    Check the fusing unit, DCPU and PRCB for proper connection and correct or change as necessary.
4.     Change fusing unit.
5.     Change PRCB.
6.     Change DCPU.

If you find your parts, then replace the parts and error still remains, after reset the error code. If the error is still showing even after above solutions, then you have no choice other than calling Konica Minolta technician.

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