How to fix Sindoh M402 error code 300 problem solutions

Sindoh M402 error code 300 problem solutions

Here in this post I explain how to clear error code 300, 301, 302, 303 and 304 in Sindoh M400, M401, M402 and M403 series, which should solve your problem. We are sharing a few methods to fix the error, so check them one by one until it gets solved.
How to fix Sindoh M402 error code 300 problem solutions

Meaning of the error code

The error code is for the fixing assembly not getting to the correct temperature in a specified time. It occurs when fusing temperature is lower than the set temperature for more than 10 seconds while printing. The Fusing heater is turned on right after main power switch is turned on. When there’s no output signal on main motor operation at 100°C, 160°C READY status is maintained. When output signal is sent, the Fusing temperature maintains 180°C and settles to paper. (180°C is default value for Plain papers) Fusing temperature is configured differently for each paper, but the Fusing temperature can be changed within a certain range when the user desires.

Overheat Prevention
When Fusing Roller’s temperature rises higher than 230°C, CPU isolates Fusing Lamp’s power and indicates an error at same time. To be prepared for failure of overheat prevention by thermistor, there are thermostat and thermal cut off installed parallel to Fusing Lamp’s general grounding cable. Thermal cut off is a dual safety device, which is installed additionally to prevent overheat when thermostat does not function. Thermostat and thermal cut off get operated when Fusing temperature gets overheated to isolate power applied to fusing lamp and indicate an error at the same time to stop the machine operation.

How to fix the error code?

Do not worry if you get this error, you can fix it in some of the simplest processes. Follow the steps below:

Note: Something as simple as a momentary variation in the power to the plug the device is plugged into can cause this code as the plug voltage and/or frequency is sufficient to interfere with the copies’ ability to track the temp

                    1.            Turn the machine’s power on.
                    2.            Then press either arrow buttons.
                    3.            Press the Continue key.
                    4.            Press the Select key.
                    5.            When password is indicated, press left arrow three times and right arrow three times.
                    6.            Press the Select key. Now Diagnosis Mode menus are displayed on the control panel.
                    7.            Then find Error Log then press ok.
                    8.            Find Clear Log then press the ok.
                    9.            Then YES or NO shows on the display, then select YES and press ok, to exit without clearing log, press Return, then wait little mint.
Then switch off the machine and turn the power back ON at the power socket and the code should reset. Machine will process for 2 minutes.

Even if the above fixes are shown in error code. Then check these all things.
·        Check the harness between Fusing and power unit.
·        Check the harness between system card and thermistor.
·        If the problem is not solved, replace the Fusing unit.
After you replace the part, you have to reset the machine in Diagnosis Mode to copier, your problem will be solved.


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