How to removal fuser unit in Canon ImageClass D880

Canon ImageClass D880 fuser unit removal

This article is providing how to fix paper jam on fuser unit in your Canon ImageClass D880 printer. We are sharing a few methods to fix paper jamming your Canon ImageClass D880 printer, check them one by one until it gets solved.

Paper jams in the fuser section are a real problem with this model the fuser unit has to be removed. You can get the fuser out thru the exit side of the copier. Follow the steps below:
  • UNPLUG COPIER, pull platen to left with grey lever
  • Remove one screw for upper plastic cover pulls down and out.
  • Remove 2 screws on lower exit cover this comes up and out.
  • Remove small plastic cover on left side of exit assembly as you face end of copier.
  • Pull back black plastic sheet to expose 3 connectors one plugs into circuit board two plugs into heater or fuser assembly. Unplug these.
  • With your offset driver remove 3 screws holding fuser to frame of copier -these will be pointing up.
  • Lift fuser up and carefully work out of copier.

Check for stuck papers or damaged fuser film sleeve. You probably have a damaged fuser. It really takes a skilled tech to remove and replace the fuser.