how do I clear SC545 error for Ricoh MP C4503/MP C5503/MP C6003

Clear the SC545 error code in Ricoh MP C4503, MP C5503, MP C6003

how do I clear SC545 error for Ricoh MP C4503/MP C5503/MP C6003

Here in this post I explain how to fix error SC545 code in Ricoh Aficio mpc4503 copier, which should solve your problem. This introduction will help you to troubleshoot some common error code SC542-02, SC542-03, SC544-01, SC544-02, SC545 and SC549-04 messages in Ricoh Aficio MP C4503, series. We are sharing a few methods to fix the error, so check them one by one until it gets solved.

Maintenance sign means that the copier needs to be well serviced and checked if something is to be replaced. Consumables such as Toner, Drum, Blade, Fuser rollers, Pickup roller and Developer are changed at such times. And also check the changing consumables are original or not .Always use spares having good quality. If you are sure that you have replaced the correct part or nothing is to be replaced, after ensuring these things, you can proceed to clear the sign. Always call experienced technicians for servicing.

Mining of the error code SC545.

The SC545 is displayed when your machine fails to reach the correct temperature at a specific time. The heating roller thermistor detects 240°C or more. The copier is toast until you manually clear the error from the keypad. Even though the printer is physically fine, it won’t come ready until the prior error condition is cleared. . If first time occurs, you need to go into service and clear the error then reset. Easy to reset and fault usually goes away.

Clear the SC545 error code: The Fix In order to clear error SC545, you must perform procedure.
1.     Press the “8, 0, 6, 1, 8, 2” on your keyboard or touchscreen.
2.     Then Press and hold down “C” button for more 5 sec.

3.     Tech the “System sp” on the touch pane.
4.     Then press the “5810” and “#” button.
5.     Then tech the “EXECUT”.
6.     Turn OFF the power main switches, and turns it ON. The error code is now cleared.

Even if the above fixes are shown in error code. Then check these all things.

Some possible cause.
·        Check the thermistor.
·        Check the fusing lamp.
·        Replace the fusing unit.
·        Replace the AC power supply board.
·        Replace the BCU or the Fusing central NC sensor.

After you replace the part, then you have to reset the machine in service mode system sp.

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