call for service h4 on Sharp mx-M266n

Sharp mx-M266n error code h4 solutions

Here in this post I explain how to fix H4-00 error code in Sharp MX-M266n, MX-M316N, MX-M356N series, which should solve your problem. We are sharing a few methods to fix some common error H02-00, H2-01, H03-00, H03-01, H4-00, and H04-01 that you may receive, so check them one by one until it gets solved.

Meaning of the H4-00 error code:

Sharp H4-00 error code means is for the fusing section low temperature trouble. The best thing that you do first is to clean the fuser unit, the thermostat located there. If 1st time occurs, you need to go into service and clear the error then reset.

How to fix H4-00 error code:

You have to reset fuser errors.
1.     Press the key on control panel > “#, *, c, *”
2.     You should be in service mode now. Type in number “14” press start.
3.     Then you want type sub code 01 press start.
4.     Then you can select ok to clear.
5.     Then switch off machine and turn the power back ON at the power socket and the code should reset. Machine will process for 2 minutes.

Even if the above fixes are shown in error code. You have to remove the Fuser unit from the machine and then check fuser lamp and thermistor if your thermistors are damaged or need to be cleaned. After you clean or replace the part use Simulation 14 to reset the error.

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