How to fix Canon ir3300 error code e000000-0000

Canon IR 3300 series error code e000000-0000 problem solutions

Are you getting the error e000000-0000 on your Canon iR3300 copier? This should solve your problems. This introduction will help you to troubleshoot some common error code E000001-00000; E000001-0002 messages related to Canon iR2200, iR2800, and iR3300 series. If that is the case consider the following.
How to fix Canon ir3300 error code e000000-0000
How to fix Canon ir3300 error code e000000-0000

Meaning of the error code e000000-0000

E00000 error Code refers to the copier fusing warm-up trouble. The fixing temperature does not reach 100 C with 2 min after it has exceeded 70 C. Fuser code needs to be reset in the service mode but if the problem persists after being cleared then the fuser may need to be rebuilt or replaced.

How to fix the error code?

Do not try to change any settings in service mode or clear any other function!! It is very easy to turn the machine into a cabbage. Follow the steps below:
1.     Press the “Additional Functions (*)” button once.
2.     Then press the “2” and “8” buttons at the same time once.
3.     Press the “Additional Functions (*)” button once again.
4.     The System Management screen will open. Touch the “COPIER” button on the screen.
5.     Touch the “FUNCTION” button at the top of the screen.
6.     Touch the “CLEAR” button on the screen.
7.     Touch the “ERR” button to highlight it.
8.     Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the screen.
9.     Then switch off machine and turn the power back ON at the power socket and the code should reset. Machine will process for 2 minutes.

Even if the above fixes are shown in error code. Then check these all things.

Some possible cause

·        Check fixing unit:
         1.     The thermistor has poor contact.
         2.     Replace the heater element.
         3.     Replace the thermal switch.
         4.     Check fixing assembly connecter.
·        The SSR is faulty.
·        DC controller is faulty

After you replace the parts, then you have to reset the machine in services mode COPIER