How do i fix error code L4-06 on sharp mx-3110n

Sharp mx3110n Error Code L4-06 reset

Here in this post I explain How to fix error code L4-06 in your Sharp MX-2610n, mx-3110n, and MX-3610n series copier. If your machine is under maintenance you should call them to have it replaced. This introduction will help you troubleshoot some common error L4-06, L4-07 that you may receive. We are sharing a few methods to fix the error, so check them one by one until it gets solved.

Meaning of the L4-06 Error Code:

Sharp mx-3110n error code L4-06 is for the primary Transfer unit related. Lifting operation of the primary transfer unit cannot be detected within the specified time. Turn off the main Power and on, and it comes back, try replacing the whole transfer belt unit.

Fix the L4-06 error code:

Check these all things.
·        The problem could be caused by dirty or faulty primary transfer belt position sensors on the inside rear frame.
·     Maybe something a bad gear that was slipping on the back of the Transfer unit.
·        Replace the transfer belt.
·        Harness connection trouble.
·        Transfer unit separation clutch operation trouble.

If you find your parts, then replace the parts after automatically reset the error code. If the error is still showing even after above solutions, then you have no choice other than calling Sharp technician.