How to refill toner cartridge Sharp ar 6020/ar 6023/ar 6026/ar 6031

Toner cartridge refilling in sharp ar 6020, ar 6023, ar 6026 and ar 6031

Here in this post I explain how to refill toner cartridge in sharp AR 6020, AR 6023, AR6026 and AR 6031 series copier.
I don’t recommend refilling a sharp ar 6020 series toner cartridge because the toner powder is very fine and you do not want to breathe in this toner powder. I would advise purchasing a new toner cartridge for your model of sharp copier. Authentic sharp dealers will give you original toner cartridge, non-sharp toner providers may be sells the poor quality toner refill Kits.

If you want to do toner cartridge refilling, the toner cartridge comes with on-chip sensor in back side of toner cartridge that counts the toner life. If you allow it to go empty completely that is it gives red triangle which is steady to warn that toner is near empty. You should replenish toner at this time but if you allow it to blink red triangle that means it’s completely over and can't be refilled. Take the toner out of the printer and refilling a new toner powder it carefully. Below is the video guide to refill the sharp ar 6020. However, it is advisable only if the existing cartridge is in a good condition. It is always better to replace supplies with original as they provide good yield.

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