change the toner cartridge Sharp mx

This document provides the procedures how to change toner cartridge in Sharp mx2614n, mx-3114n series copier. To view the approximate amount of toner remaining, continually touch the “COPY” key during printing or when the machine is idle. The percentage of toner remaining will appear in the display while the key is touched. When the percentage falls to "25-0%", obtain a new toner cartridge and keep it ready for replacement. Below is the procedure to Toner cartridge replacement on sharp mx copier.

Step 1: Open the front cover.

Step 2: Hold the Toner cartridge with hand and slowly pull it out. (After removing the toner cartridge, do not shake it or tap on it. Doing so may cause toner to leak from the cartridge. Put the old cartridge immediately in the plastic bag and store it. Do not throw the toner cartridge into a fire. Toner may spill and cause fire.)

Step 3: Take the new toner cartridge from the box. Grasp the cartridge on both sides and shake horizontally 4-5 times.

Step 4: Gently insert the new toner cartridge on the level.

Step 5: Close the front cover.

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