Clear Error E000007-0000 code for Canon IR3235/IR3025

Canon IR error Code E0007

Clear Error E000007-0000 code for Canon IR3235/IR3025

Are you getting the status as E0007 no signal on your Canon copier? These instructions describe error code E0007 solution for a Canon IR3235, IR3025, ir3530, ir3570, ir3030 ir4570 copier machine. This should solve your problem. This introduction will help you troubleshoot some common error messages related to Error Code E0007, E0003 that you may receive. It is any of the ImageRunner models. If that is the case consider the following.

Maintenance sign means that the copier needs to be well serviced and checked if something is to be replaced. Consumables such as drum, blade, fuser rollers and developer are changed at such times. If you are sure that you have replaced the correct part or nothing is to be replaced, then you can proceed to clear the sign.

Meaning of E000007 the Error Code

The Problem with fixing film rotation issue, while the fixing motor is rotating, the marker signal is not detected for 6 sec with the reading of the main thermistor indicating 100 deg C or more. You will need to replace the upper film unit or the whole fuser unit to repair the problem.   Reset the condition in service mode. Could be a fixing film, pressure roller bush or fixing film sensor .After U replace the part, Below is the procedure to clear these errors.

How to fix the Error Code?

Do not worry if you get this error, in some rare cases you can solve it by very simple process. Follow the steps below:

·        Check the fuser film: You have to remove the Fuser unit (FG6-6040-000) from the machine and manually rotate the gear. Either it’s torn or the little white patch on the end of the film is dirty. It may be worn-out. Simply change the fuser film with the new one. Code will remove.
·     Apply the grease or fuser oil: You can check film is rotating or not rotating.  if not rotating grease inside the film may be dry. , remove all the old grease and apply new grease or fuser oil lightly. And now try to rotate.
·        Check the pressure roller: if not rotate properly the fuser Film then check pressure roller, rubber ring and bush. It may be worn-out. Replace the cleaning roller of pressure roller. If you have over 300 000 copies change the press roller, bushings and rubber ring. Change the cleaning roller or cleaning every 10-15K copy’s to prevent premature fixing problems.
·        Check the fixing film sensor is faulty:  This could be dirty sensor. Or Check the connector of the fixing film.


After you replace the part, you have to reset the machine in service mode COPIER

If you have over the 500000 copy’s the best solution is to replace the whole fixing unit, little expensive but worded.
I would use only the original grease. Grease and oil are very different. Trying to save money can end up costing more time and money. Play it safe. Precision Roller has fixing film grease in a syringe that will do 50 sleeves for less than $40. Part# S4800.


  1. sir i have a canon ir 2520 copier machine. when paper come in front of drum , paper jam error showing on the screen . after removing the paper jam and close the door , then error showing error code E000110 . i replaced the drum and laser unit also factory reset but same issue . kindly help.

    1. Maybe a problem Laser shutter cable. Also make sure shutter is not stuck or not opening. When you open right door shutter blocks laser path. If actuator on door is broken, when you close the door the shutter won't open. Make sure front door interlock and right door interlocks are okay.

  2. Power supply prablem ...pls call 8011042471