Low capacity copiers

Low Volume Digital Copiers

This article is about the Low volume Photocopier start-ups, and small businesses are cheaper and less profitable than creating good quality prints.

The models of photocopiers currently on the market can be identified under three broad descriptions of Low capacity copiers, Medium capacity copiers and High capacitycopiers.

A low capacity copier usually prints up to 15-20 sheets per minute. This type of copier would not be designed to operate over a long period or continuously, and is normally a 'convenience' copier. Low capacity copiers normally print standard A4 and A3 paper, and will not collate. Paper capacity of low capacity copiers is generally less than 250 sheets. This type of copier is for general office use, and can be located in an office environment provided it is not positioned less than 2 meters from workstations and the work environment is well ventilated.

Ideally, the copier should be placed in close proximity to the air return ducts of the air conditioning system, or in a position where there is good cross ventilation where the office is air-conditioned.

If this is not possible, the photocopier should be located in a position where an exhaust fan can extract fumes from the exhaust area of the copier.

       Low Budget
       Specialty for small duty
       Using for low speed printing
       Suitable for Small Office and Home Office Printing
       More Suitable for customer that were startup business
       Paper capacity generally less than 250 sheets
       Can produce up to 10,000 volumes or below within a month
       20 or below ppm (page per minute) for black white and colour