Medium Volume Digital Copiers

Medium Volume Digital Copiers

This article is about the Medium Volume Digital Copiers start-ups, and medium businesses are cheaper and less profitable than creating good quality prints.

Medium Volume Digital Copiers
The models of photocopiers currently on the market can be identified under three broad descriptions of Low capacity copiers, Medium capacity copiers and High capacity copiers.

A medium capacity copier is a photocopier capable of printing more than 21-40 sheets per minute. These copiers can operate for long periods, but not continuously. A medium capacity copier can print A4, A3 and other size paper, and may also collate. Paper capacity is generally in excess of 500 sheets of A4 and other sizes.

If the copier is required to be used for long periods of time it should be placed in a separate section of the office where paper for the copier is stored, and ideally where an exhaust extraction system can be installed. Medium capacity copiers should be chosen with design features enabling an exhaust extraction system to be fitted.

A fitted exhaust extraction system is recommended for medium capacity copiers, and essential for high capacity machines


       Suitable for Small Medium Enterprise and Business Purpose Printing.
       Paper capacity 500 sheets of A4 and other sizes.
       Capability for Normal Duty.
       Medium speed printing.
       Accelerate general tasks.
       Able to produce 10,000 to 30,000 volumes within a month.
       40 or above ppm (page per minute) for black white and color.


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