High volume digital capacity copiers

High capacity copiers

This article is about the heavy volume copiers requiring large workloads. Business copy machine is printing volume.
The models of photocopiers currently on the market can be identified under three broad descriptions of Low capacity copiers, Medium capacity copiers and High capacity copiers.

High capacity copiers are capable of printing 41 plus sheets per minute. They can operate continuously for long periods of time depending on the paper capacity. A heavy volume copier has paper capacity of at least 4,000 A4 sheets.

These copiers must be installed in a separate office facility, and the machine fitted with an exhaust extraction system. It is also desirable (for reasons later explained) for the facility to have additional air conditioning capacity.

The room, walls and ceiling should be insulated with noise absorbing material or tiles, and the floor should be rubber matting. Suitable paper storage shelving should also be installed in the facility.

       Suitable for manufacturing, education and Premium office equipment.
       A4 sheets paper capacity 4,000
       Business copy machine.
       High speed printing.
       Capability for heavy duty.
       Ability to produce 30,000 or above volumes within a month.
       50 or above ppm (page per minute) for black white and color.


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